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Finnish Research Firm VTT Develops Meat Alternatives

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed what it describes as sustainable meat alternatives, through the use of cellular agriculture.

VTT’s initiative uses under-used and easy-to-grow local plants such as fava beans and sorghum to replicate animal meat, which provide high nutritional value and a more sustainable plant-based option, the research firm.


“We use cellular-agriculture-based techniques combined with our long-term expertise working with challenging, plant-based raw materials to transform nutritious, local crops into delicious foodstuffs that offer an identical sensory experience to animal-based meat,” commented Nesli Sözer, research professor at VTT.

“In order to solve these challenges, we need plant-based meat that can genuinely satiate demand and that can be scaled in a way that improves food security and nutrition for all.”

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