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Have We Reached Peak Plant Milk?

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There is already a vast array of dairy alternatives, but experts say the flow of new offerings won’t slow down anytime soon.


It is a bountiful time for plant-based milks, with new varieties of nut, seed, grain, legume and now vegetable milks showing up on store shelves every year. Now comes potato milk.

The product, made by the Swedish company Dug Drinks, is already being sold in Britain and will make its way to the United States sometime this year. And according to a new report released by British supermarket chain Waitrose, potato milk is “set to dominate coffee shop menus in the coming months” — however unlikely that may sound.

Last August, Sara Bentley, 40, heard about Dug and its potato milk. Ms. Bentley, who lives in London and runs a plant-based-cooking school called Made In Hackney, was immediately interested.

“I was definitely excited, as it was new, but it doesn’t naturally sound appetizing,” she said. “You imagine gunky potato water, which of course would be gross.” Ms. Bentley and some of her cooking-school colleagues tried to make their own potato milk, with disappointing results. “It wasn’t very delicious, but I’m definitely keen for a rematch, as I can see its potential. The more viable alternatives to mass-produced dairy, the better.”

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