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UK poised to be world-leading lab-grown meat producer, says report

A recent report has highlighted that the UK is poised to be a world-leading developer of lab-grown meat, as the sector is predicted to increase its market share in the food industry rapidly. This fast-growing element of the food tech sector involves cultivating meat by culturing animal cells. It’s expected to make up almost a quarter of global meat consumption by 2035.


With cultured meat being declared safe to eat by the US government, the starting pistol has been fired for the lab-grown meat market. Yet, this report shows the UK is already ahead of many in the race.

UK organizations have received £28.55 million in investment, raising more in space than countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, and France. The UK is beaten only by the US, Israel, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

UK cultured meat company HigherSteaks, based in Cambridge, has received the second largest amount of capital investment of any company in the UK sector – and sits 6th on the European list. It’s also filed the most UK patents of any company in the cultured meat space.

The report, which shows the UK’s forecasted cultured meat market has over half the value of all major European markets, was created by IP specialists GovGrant to discover which countries and companies are attracting the most funding for cultured meat developments.

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