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Daisy Lab Receives NZ$250,000 Funding Injection To Continue Disrupting New Zealand’s Dairy Industry

Auckland-based animal free dairy startup Daisy Lab has announced a NZ$250,000 capital injection from Stephen Tindall’s K1W1 and Icehouse Ventures. The funding will be used to continue developing cow-free products, particularly cheese. Located in New Zealand, the startup is taking on one of the biggest dairy sectors in the world.

Daisy Lab founders Irina Miller and Dr Nikki Freed are uniquely placed to develop a new breed of cow-free products. The former used to work as a consultant for Fonterra, the largest dairy exporter globally, while Freed is a molecular biologist. Together, they are leveraging precision fermentation technology to create bio-identical milk and related products.

Daisy Lab was founded in 2021 after Miller left Fonterra and became vegan and realised that conventional dairy was not only a cruel industry but also one with a litany of environmental consequences. She set about creating an alternative and her partnership with Freed proved  to be the catalyst for real change and genuine alternatives for dairy fanatics.

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