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36 vegan companies have joined forces to disrupt the $330 billion seafood market

Quotes from VegNews, November 27, 2023


A newly formed coalition called Future Ocean Foods is making waves in the seafood industry. Comprising 36 companies from 14 counties, their mission is to enhance sustainability within the industry, which has a market value of $330 billion. Their approach involves introducing plant-based alternatives to traditional seafood items such as tuna, calamari, and sushi.

There is a dire crisis facing the animal inhabitants of our oceans. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the combination of overfishing and warming waters has led to 70 percent of the world’s fish stocks being fully utilized or overused.

Thankfully, there is a new coalition called Future Ocean Foods (FOF) that has recently emerged with the purpose of alleviating the strain on our vulnerable aquatic ecosystems. They aim to achieve this by advocating for sustainable, plant-based alternatives to seafood.

Photo by Mike Bergmann on Unsplash

The coalition, which is composed of 36 vegan companies, is specifically targeting the global seafood market, a market that is currently valued at an estimated $330 billion. FOF, led by Marissa Bronfman, aims to provide sustainable and innovative plant-based alternatives in the growing alternative seafood market.

From 2021 to 2022, investment in alternative seafood increased by a staggering 92%, with United States retail sales also growing by 42%.

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