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Above Food to Acquire Sonic Milling’s Disruptive Plant-Based Food Tech

Above Food Corp., a vertically integrated plant-based company, announces an agreement to acquire Sonic Milling Systems Ltd. The acquisition will include a full suite of intellectual property and global patent coverage for both core and new technologies, Above Food says.

Sonic Milling develops disruptive processing techniques to make plant-based ingredients and products more cost-effective while using fewer resources. The company’s hydrodynamic-cavitation technology utilizes water and pressure to create microscopic air bubbles. These bubbles are capable of breaking apart diverse ingredients – from grains and legumes to fruits and vegetables – into liquids and sauces without the need for stabilizers or oils.

In North America, Sonic Milling has already used this technology to create oat-based concentrate, beverages and creamers for major retailers and brands. The cavitation process can also increase the digestibility of grains and pulses by controlling heat and pressure without denaturing nutrients.


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