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A vegan cheese that tastes like the real thing? Lab project working on just that

Cheese lovers who have tried vegan cheese often bemoan that it won’t melt, stretch or brown, and it usually lacks that characteristic tangy, savoury flavour that makes cheese quite simply delicious.

Well, listen up, because plans are afoot to make a new kind of cheese. It will taste and feel just like the real deal, its producers say.

vegan cheese

But it is made in a lab. And without any cows.

In east London’s Hackney Wick, start-up Better Dairy is recreating the protein in milk that makes cheese, well, cheesey.

“Casein is the thing that gives the cheese its melt, its stretch, its gooey-ness,” says CEO Jevan Nagarajah. “And so with just casein, you are 90% of the way towards traditional cheese.”

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