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How religion is influencing the future of food

Quotes from Food Ingredients First, December 07, 2023

Advocates for plant-based diets are appealing to Pope Francis, citing the intersection of lifestyle, diet, and religion, to encourage a reduction in meat consumption for the sake of addressing climate change. The Vatican sovereign was expected to speak at the COP28 summit’s inter-religion Faith Pavilion in Dubai but couldn’t attend due to illness.

According to Pew Research Center projections, most people worldwide will still identify with a religion in 2050, with around 60% being either Christian (31%) or Muslim (30%). Only 13% are expected to be without a religious affiliation.

50 religious and environmental organizations and leaders, part of the Plant Based Treaty group, have written to Pope Francis in support of his “hidden message” in Laudate Deum, urging action on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture.

At COP28, a groundbreaking resolution was passed, addressing food emissions and calling for a transformation of the food system.

According to Nicola Harris, communications director of Plant Based Treaty, the achievement of the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target hinges on transforming the food system, as food emissions alone would surpass the limit, she tells Food Ingredients First.

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