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Meatless meals made by robots, including “Big Macs” in Texas

Quotes from VegNews, NOVEMBER 28, 2023


The latest vegan restaurant news highlights a range of interesting developments, such as Kernel’s introduction of meatless burgers made by robots, a concept brought to life by Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle. Additionally, a newly established burger shop in Texas has garnered attention for its creative twists on the famous Big Macs offered by McDonald’s.

Exciting vegan restaurant news is popping up every week, officially leaving behind the days of boring salads. Thanks to a collaboration between Oatly and Insomnia Cookies, milk and cookies, a classic pairing, has become more than just something reserved for Santa.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Plant-based fast food is the focus at Vice Burger, the recently opened restaurant in Fort Worth, TX, which locals are already calling the vegan Big Mac spot.

Steve Ells, the founder and former CEO of Chipotle, will open Kernel, a restaurant where robots make meatless burgers and plant-based chicken sandwiches.

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