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Redefine Meat makes entrance at Ocado UK, envisions 3D printed flank available in stores by 2024.

Quotes from Vegconomist, November 23, 2023

Redefine Meat’s “new-meat” products are now available for purchase by UK consumers. The expansion signals the start of a wider retail launch and the products will be available in physical stores by 2024.

According to the company, this marks the initial stage in the establishment of a widespread new-meat category within the European retail sector, with supermarkets set to adopt it in the coming year.

Redefine Meat
Photo by Tomas Trajan on Unsplash

Yesterday, a total of six products were launched on Ocado. These include Redefine Pulled Beef and Pork, Redefine Lamb Kofta Mix, Redefine Premium Burgers, Redefine Beef Mince, and Redefine Bratwurst. The minced and pulled items are made using traditional meat production methods and ingredients enhanced by the R&D team, combining materials science and meat science at a technological level, as explained by a spokesperson. The company’s whole cuts, on the other hand, are produced using additive manufacturing or 3D printed technology.

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