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Meatable expands testing capacity with new facility

Quotes from, November 16, 2023

By Andy Coyne

A Netherlands-based cultivated-meat company, Meatable, has opened a new facility to advance the commercialization of its lab-grown pork products.

By expanding to a 3,300 sq m site at the Bio Science Park in Leiden, the company has effectively doubled its previous offices and lab space. This expansion not only increases their bioreactor capacity from 50 liters to 200 liters, but also allows for future expansion to 500 liters. This significant increase in capacity will enable the company to intensify their testing and production efforts.

Photo by Ivy Farm on Unsplash

In 2018, when Meatable was first launched, the company initially operated out of a small office and laboratory space located near the Bio Science Park in Leiden. In the subsequent year, the company made the decision to relocate to the DSM Biotech Campus in Delft, and since then, it has experienced significant growth, now boasting a workforce of over 90 employees.

During the event held in Delft, Meatable introduced its inaugural line of cultivated pork products and proudly announced a groundbreaking achievement – the company has successfully developed one of the fastest processes in the industry for producing lab-grown meat, taking a mere eight days to transform a single animal cell into delicious pork.

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