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Lab-grown meat might be on the menu for European pets in the near future

Quotes from Free Malaysia Today, 14 Nov 2023

EU approval has been granted to a Czech startup to incorporate lab-grown meat into pet food, specifically designed for cats and dogs.

Although not everyone may find the idea of eating lab-grown meat appealing, it leads to the question: would you consider feeding your dog kibble made from this type of meat?

Due to the contrasting approvals of cell-cultured meat products between Europe, Singapore, and the United States, this question may seem trivial, especially considering that Europe has not yet authorized their commercialization.

Photo by Mathew Coulton on Unsplash

Despite the Italian government’s ongoing expression of its intent to ban cultured meat, there is a Czech firm named Bene Meat that has actually received EU registration. This registration not only validates their extensive research efforts but also grants them the exciting opportunity to expand their project on a much larger scale, as reported by Green Queen.

Bene Meat, a company located in Prague, has a unique focus. Instead of producing traditional burger patties or chicken fillets for nuggets, they specialize in creating custom-made meat products for our beloved pets.

At the moment, the laboratory located in Prague is only able to produce a limited amount of meat. Despite this, if this registration is successfully implemented, it has the potential to increase production by a hundredfold, making it possible for this ambitious goal to be achieved within the upcoming year.

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