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Good Dog Food rebrands as Meatly ahead of UK cultivated chicken launch

Quotes from Vegconomist, November 13, 2023

UK-based cultivated pet food company, Good Dog Food, has unveiled its rebranding and the launch of a new consumer-oriented website under the name “Meatly.” In conjunction with this announcement, the company has disclosed its successful partnerships with key manufacturers and is gearing up for an imminent product launch in the UK market. Meatly is actively collaborating with the UK’s Food Standards Agency and the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs to secure the necessary approvals for the commercialization of its cultivated chicken for the pet food sector.

Owen Ensor, CEO of Meatly, expressed enthusiasm about this transformative rebranding, marking a significant milestone for the team and the brand. The name “Meatly” has been chosen to emphasize the authenticity of their product, which is real meat crafted in a novel way. The company aspires for Meatly to become a household name, cherished by both pets and their owners, recognized as the preferred choice for wholesome, eco-conscious, and delectable pet food.

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Founded in 2022 through a collaboration between Agronomics and Roslin Technologies, Meatly specializes in the production of cultivated chicken tailored for the pet food industry. With a substantial funding of £3.6 million, the biotech firm is dedicated to bringing some of the first-ever cultivated meat products to market, providing a conscientious, sustainable, and nutritious alternative to traditional meat for pets.

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