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Free plant-based nuggets are being given away by Impossible Foods on Nugget Day

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12th Nov 2023


Free Impossible “Chicken” Nuggets Giveaway

  • Impossible Foods is giving away free plant-based “Chicken” Nuggets to celebrate National Nugget Day on November 13th.
  • From November 13th to November 15th, while supplies last, you can find it at MEATLiquor, Patty & Bun, Thunderbird, or VBurger.

Impossible Foods, Plant-Based Pioneer

  • Impossible Foods, a global leader in plant-based foods, makes meaty favorites like burgers and nuggets using plants.
  • It has a positive impact as it is nutrient-packed and environmentally friendly.

UK Nugget Eating Trends

  • The highest consumers of nuggets are Londoners and West Midlands residents.
  • Nugget consumption in East Midlands falls behind.
  • Plant-based nuggets are becoming increasingly popular, with 40% of UK residents open to trying them.
Impossible Foods

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Nuggets

  • Each serving of Impossible Nuggets is packed with 10 grams of protein.
  • This product contains absolutely no cholesterol, with a measurement of zero milligrams.
  • By being environmentally friendly, you are making a positive contribution to reducing your environmental footprint.

Impossible Foods Encourages Adventure

  • On National Nugget Day, a spokesperson is enthusiastically encouraging British citizens to give plant-based nuggets a try.
  • The purpose of the free nugget giveaway is to introduce a fresh and innovative approach to fulfilling your cravings for nuggets.

Positive Impact on the Planet

  • Plant-based nuggets are a great choice for those who prioritize their health without wanting to sacrifice taste.
  • Since these products are made from plants, they have a smaller environmental footprint when compared to their animal-based counterparts.

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