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Mane and Newform Foods to create hybrid meat products by blending plant-based protein

Mane flavor house has joined forces with food tech company Newform Foods which supports producers to develop and scale cultivated animal products. The partnership aims to improve the taste, texture, and affordability of cultivated meat.

Cultivated meat is still an emerging technology that has gained approval in only a few places, such as the US and Singapore. It is currently gaining momentum and striving to influence regulatory bodies, particularly in Europe.” Dr. Luis A. Fernandez, vice president strategic development at Mane, tells Food Ingredients First

Newform Foods

Tasneem Karodia, Newform Foods co-founder and COO, also outlines the vision for the partnership: “We aim to create hybrid cultivated meat products that will blend with plant-based protein to elevate the taste, texture, color and flavor of what’s currently on the market. While Newform Foods is working to reach scale and price parity with conventional meat, hybrid products will be the first to hit the market.”

Sharpening taste of cultivated meat 

Fernandez says cultivated meat isn’t seeking to completely replace traditional meat but aims to provide a protein alternative for the growing global population. 

“It will need to find its place among the various existing diets, including vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles. Newform Foods’ scaffold-free cultivated meat is highly disruptive, encompassing a wide range of meat species such as beef, chicken and lamb, while also maintaining affordability for mainstream consumers in both Europe and Africa.”

One notable aspect of the partnership is the emphasis on the taste of cultivated meat and the development of premium and cost-effective products. Mane will formulate hybrid cultivated meat blended with plant-based protein. 

Mane will focus on flavors, functional blends and seasonings to expand its offerings and give consumers a taste of “what’s possible when innovation and food expertise come together.”

“We believe that hybrid formulations represent a prudent choice to leverage the diversity of available technologies, including cultivated meat, plant-based options, mycoproteins, single-cell proteins, and more, to strike a balance between cost, texture, taste, color, flavor, yield, sustainability, nutritional benefits, and functionality,” Fernandez continues.

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