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Establishing an Australian cellular agriculture sector

By Sam Perkins

As cultivated meat advances and makes headlines around the world, Cellular Agriculture Australia CEO Dr Sam Perkins provides a state of the industry update.

Cellular agriculture and specifically cultivated meat have recently made headlines following the US approval of Upside Foods and Good Meat’s cultivated chicken products.

cellular agriculture

You might be wondering if we could be seeing cultivated meat on supermarket shelves in the near future here in Australia. Short answer – yes! The nascent cellular agriculture sector in Australia is growing, and is now at an exciting point. At Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA), we are working to support the development of this industry.

Currently, nine per cent of the global population is severely food insecure. Worryingly, the global demand for food is expected to increase by up to 70 per cent by 2050; we simply cannot meet this demand sustainably or ethically with current production methods alone.

Current agricultural production systems are major contributors to climate change, excessive deforestation, biodiversity loss and pollution. Animal agriculture uses 35 per cent of the earth’s habitable land and producing food through livestock accounts for 14 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

It is one of many solutions required to ensure an equitable, accessible and sustainable food system into the future.

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