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New ProVeg Arm Aims to Make Vegan Food the Next Big Thing in Nigeria


The new ProVeg Nigeria arm aims to bring vegan food to hospitals, schools, and markets across the country. 

Global nonprofit ProVeg has launched in Nigeria with the aim of revolutionizing the country’s food culture by promoting healthy plant-based options that are both climate- and animal-friendly. 

As a part of ProVeg International, ProVeg Nigeria joins forces with 10 other offices worldwide to lead the mission of replacing 50 percent of animal products globally with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040.


Hakeem Jimo, a vegan entrepreneur and co-founder of Nigeria’s first vegan restaurant, was instrumental in spearheading the establishment of ProVeg Nigeria. Recognizing the immense potential for increasing plant-based diets in his homeland, Jimo has assumed the role of ProVeg Nigeria’s Country Director.

“It’s all about the numbers—Nigeria is set to become the world’s third most populous country in the next couple of decades. But time is not on our side,” Jimo said in a statement. “To truly address climate change and health epidemics, we need to shift our diets today. That’s why the team and I are thrilled to be launching the ProVeg Nigeria operation. We can take our work to a whole new level and expand our reach and impact.”

ProVeg Nigeria, previously known as Lagos Veg Fest and later renamed Naija Veg, has already implemented various programs and campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based diets. Collaborating with hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals, Jimo and his team have been actively promoting the incorporation of plant-based offerings in institutions to enhance public health.

“Health has been a key motivator for people here in changing their diets,” Jimo said about the motivation behind dietary changes in Nigeria.

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