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Plant-based shellfish, microalgae and alt-fats are included in ProVeg start-up incubator.

The ProVeg Incubator program, which supports start-ups working on plant-based, fermented and cultured food products, is welcoming twelve new start-ups from across the globe. The start-ups inducted into this year’s cohort, which begins this month, are innovating a wide range of climate-friendly, plant-based alternative ingredients to traditional meat.

“The scope of solutions of the twelve start-ups in our new cohort is extensive and promising, as they are tackling a diverse range of crucial problems,” Albrecht Wolfmeyer, international director of the ProVeg Incubator, tells FoodIngredientsFirst, noting the importance start-ups play in drawing key demographics.


“If there are healthy and tasty alternatives to conventional meat products, flexitarians are more likely to purchase them and reduce their meat consumption. Crucially, the flexitarians are driving the growth of the plant-based market.” 

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