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Global Soy-Based Market is expected to reach a market size of ~US$ 55 billion by 2028: Ken Research

According to Ken Research Analysis, the Global Soy-Based Food Market was valued at ~US$ 20 billion in 2017. Furthermore, owing to the growing consumer demand for health-centric food products to maintain healthy eating habits, it is estimated to be ~US$ 30 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a market size of ~US$ 55 billion by 2028 growing with a CAGR of ~10% during 2022 to 2028.

Key Growth Drivers

The increasing popularity of lactose-free products among individuals is anticipated to boost the soy-based food market growth in the forthcoming years.


Consumers shifting preferences toward a vegan diet due to rising awareness regarding the health benefits associated is one of the major trends that help in the shaping of the soy-based food market.
Lack of individuals’ awareness regarding plant-based food products, and limited availability of raw materials are some of the challenges faced by the soy-based food market. Furthermore, rising consumer concerns regarding the negative health implications of consuming ferments soy-based beverages may impede its growth.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumers’ purchasing preferences/behavior due to lockdowns imposed by various governments across countries, allowing people to stockpile products that last for a longer period of time, including plant-based food products. Furthermore, people who have been affected by the virus have become more health conscious, which has fueled the demand for natural and organic products, resulting in an increase in demand for plant-based food, including soy and organic products.

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