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“Plant-based” has not peaked, but rather grown into a lifestyle

“Plant-based” was an unfamiliar term just a few years ago to most consumers, but today, plant-based eating and products that advertise themselves as plant-based — from mashed potatoes to cleaning products — are prolific. 

But with slowing growth in some categories of plant-based products, and a pioneer of the imitation meat world reporting slowing sales and other woes, it’s natural to ask the question: Will demand plant-based food fall as fast as it grew? Far from it, according to Datassential


The term “plant-based” on menus — once up as much as 2800% over the last four years — is now up by 1517%. That may seem like a significant shift, but it still makes the term one of the fastest-growing on menus, by far. 

Perhaps, put simply, plant-based has gone from a trend to a lifestyle. 

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