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The Ultimate Vegan Sausages Guide: The Best Meaty, Tasty, and Sizzling Options

Pork sausages taste good, but they’re not great for the planet, human health, or animals. But don’t worry, that’s why vegan sausages exist.

So far, a mounting body of research has suggested that pigs can paint, understand how to play video games, recognize human faces, and express emotion.

They can feel stress, pain, happiness, and sadness. In many respects, they are no different from companion animals, like dogs or cats. But unlike the latter, they are farmed in their millions to produce products like ham, bacon, and pork sausage. In fact, data shows that nearly 14 million Americans consumed five or more pounds of sausage in 2020.

Vegan Sausage

Pig farming doesn’t just impact the animals, it’s also linked with environmental problems. Plus, processed meat is bad for our health. But there is some good news. Vegan sausages offer the same taste and texture as pork sausages, only they’re made from plant-based ingredients instead.

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