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Plant-based diet cuts risk of ‘silent killer’ in men by 22%

According to a new study, a plant-based diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes slashes the risk of bowel cancer in men, but not in women.

The third most common cancer in the UK, roughly 43,000 people in the country are diagnosed with bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, each year, according to Cancer Research UK. Characterized by changes in your bowel habits, persistent blood in your poo, and persistent lower abdominal pain, bloating or discomfort, according to the NHS, it’s also the second most common cause of cancer deaths, killing nearly 17,000 people every year in the UK.

Plant-based diet

Most cases of bowel cancer are preventable, and there’s a strong link with a person’s diet, with roughly 13% caused by eating processed meat, 11% caused by overweight and obesity, and 6% caused by alcohol drinking, Cancer Research UK said. New research suggests a plant-based diet could cut the risk bowel cancer by 22% in men.

** The full text is available on Liverpool echo **


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