Cultivated food

Key ruling on lab-grown meat is made by US agency

Lab-grown beef has been approved for consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the first product to receive the agency’s preliminary approval.

The FDA confirmed on Wednesday that Upside Foods’ production method had not been found to be unsafe, but this did not imply that the “cultivated chicken” product is ready for general sale.


According to the FDA, the unidentified product produced by Upside Foods is made by extracting living cells from chickens and cultivating them in a controlled environment to produce cultured animal cell food. According to another document, the end product is a coherent tissue composed of chickens (Gallus gallus), with the same nutritional properties and content as traditional poultry products.

FDA paperwork indicates the finished product resembles chicken but may contain bovine or porcine ingredients, cell culture medium, media components, and antibiotics and antimycotics.

According to Upside Foods, its cow ingredients come from disease-free, risk-free herds, and their pig ingredients have been checked for “porcine viruses that might survive in human cells


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