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A new vegan brand is launched by Veggie Grill

The plant-based fast-casual brand Veggie Grill is expanding its restaurant portfolio with the addition of a new delivery-only concept.

This Thursday marks the launch of Vegan Bowls for All, which will be available at all 29 Veggie Grill locations and will include six plant-based bowls in addition to five salads from the restaurant chain’s standard menu.

The Mas Veggies Taqueria taco idea, which was introduced in February 2021, is Veggie Grill’s first virtual brand. This is Veggie Grill’s second virtual brand.

Veggie Grill

The restaurant company also renamed several of its outlets as Stand-Up Burgers throughout the course of the previous year.

It currently offers a total of four ideas spanning a variety of menu segments, with Vegan Bowls being the most recent addition to the roster.

Customers may pay an additional fee for upgrades like plant-based meat, tofu, or avocado in addition to the standard price of $12.95 for each bowl.

The Cali-Grains Bowl, the Korean Kimchi Bowl, the Chickpea Curry Bowl, the Thai Coconut Curry Bowl, the Harvest Bowl, and the Ranchero Bowl are some of the options available.

The Veggie Grill restaurants in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, and Massachusetts each have a location that sells the brand’s products, and those products are accessible on all four main delivery platforms.

According to statistics provided by Technomic Ignite, Veggie Grill, which has its headquarters in Culver City, California, was able to successfully recover from the pandemic that occurred in 2021, resulting in an increase of 10.5% in total sales.

However, compared to levels seen before the pandemic, sales at the chain’s 34 locations were around 17% lower.


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