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A plant-based wicked wing popcorn chicken is now available in Australia from KFC

Plant-Based chicken in Australia

KFC has finally revealed Wicked Popcorn, its first plant-based item to ever be sold in Australia

The dish features the same recognizable spice blend as Wicked Wings in meat-free popcorn-sized bites, and it will be served with a brand-new lime ranch dipping sauce that promises spice, zest, and crunch in one bite.

From Tuesday, August 9 to Monday, September 5, Wicked Popcorn will be offered in fourteen KFC locations along the NSW South Coast for as little as (dollar)2.95 per bag.

However, the new plant-based substitute should be avoided by strict vegetarians and vegans.

Despite being made from pea protein and not containing any animals or animal products, Wicked Popcorn is not prepared in a way that is suitable for vegans or vegetarians, according to KFC.


It follows that the plant-based chicken was probably prepared using the same oil as the meat products.

Wicked Popcorn, the Wicked Popcorn Bowl, and the Wicked Popcorn Combo are available at participating KFC locations and on the KFC App.

The fast food restaurant chain is eager to learn how customers will respond to the mouthwatering marriage of two KFC fan favorites that is the new dish.

Wicked Popcorn is a cutting-edge product that gives customers more menu options, according to KFC Australia CMO Sally Spriggs.

The spokesperson continued, “We’re always looking to treat our fans with new products, so we hope they’ll enjoy this meat-free option that still has that fantastic KFC taste our fans know and love.”

KFC is launching their first ever plant-based snack in select NSW locationsWicked Popcorn uses Wicked Wings’ spices in meat-free popcorn-sized morselsThe meal starts from $2.95 and will be available from August 9 to September 5Wicked Popcorn is made from pea protein and comes with a lime ranch sauceBut KFC revealed the meal is not prepared in a vegan or vegetarian-friendly wayWollongong FCDaptoFairy MeadowUnanderra Warrawong Shellharbour Shellharbour FC Bega Albion Park 2Batemans BayBomaderryNowra UlladullaMittagong FC

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