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First cultivated pork sausage from an Agronomics investor

Agronomics Ltd – Isle of Man, UK-based cellular agriculture company – Says portfolio firm Meatable BV has revealed the first images of its cultivated pork sausage product. Meatable, a Dutch firm with technology that aims to produce real meat without harming the environment or animals in the process. “Meatable hopes that its sausage will be the first step to making cultivated meat more accessible to the wider public,” it notes.


Agronomics holds 4,859 shares in Meatable, representing equity ownership of 5.8% on a fully diluted basis. Currently cultivated meat is not legal to sell in Europe. Meatable has been working closely with regulators in the Netherlands to support the passing of a motion that will look to enable the wider tasting of cultivated meat by the end of the year. It expects to sell its first products to consumers in 2025.


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