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Biohong Group Launches the World’s First Stem Cell-based 3D Printing Artificial Meat, Creating a New Height for Both Stem Cell Engineering Meat and Plant-based Artificial Meat

On June 16, 2022, with the theme of “Future Meat Diet Defines New Ecology”, the First National Summit Forum on the Integration and Development of Organizational Engineering Technology and Future Food Sci-tech, and the News Conference of Engineered Artificial Meat Products were held in Xi’an. The world’s first stem cell-based 3D printing artificial meat was launched, and a number of new breakthroughs in cell-engineered artificial meat technology were announced.

3D Printing

Sci-tech innovation leads the future of the industry

At this summit forum, the 3D printing of artificial meat grown from stem cells was first introduced in the world. It adopted engineering construction technology to enable animal stem cells to form a new type of meat food through myogenic differentiation under the induction of a specific micro-environment. With the astonishing sci-tech innovations, such as the 3D expansion of stem cells, the secretion and induction of meat ECM, and 3D printing, and molding of meat, the future meat industry could be efficient, eco-friendly, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. No one should be in any doubt that there is a tidal wave of industry reforms coming because of engineered artificial meat. 

Technological breakthrough benefits human society

Compared with the formation of cell-based artificial meat in the world, stem cell-based 3D printing artificial meat has incomparable advantages. Since the cell is obtained from the bovine umbilical cord, it brings zero killing, storage and banking ahead, and cell standardization. Also, it is lauded as “truly exceptional” with its damage-, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and strong ability for self-renewal, multidirectional differentiation, and autocrine. Technically, it satisfies the goal of the Healthy China 2030 blueprint, carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, and sustainable food supply for 1.4 billion Chinese people. 

Consolidate scientific research foundation to enhance strategic competitiveness

Biohong Group ranks top source among international companies that have revealed both stem cell-based 3D printing artificial meat and plant-based artificial meat. With more than 20 years’ effort in the field of tissue engineering and stem cells, its core team has made outstanding achievements in four core technologies, namely “cell serum-free culture”, “3D proliferation of stem cells”, “secretion induction of meat ECM” and “3D printing and molding of meat”.

To meet the food property requirement of cell meat, Biohong has also successfully developed a micro-carrier for cell meat culture, which is of good biocompatibility, controllable preparation environment, fully guaranteed food safety, and cost advantage, and can realize the large-scale application. Besides, Biohong has gained remarkable achievements in the field of plant-based artificial meat. Its self-developed “tissue engineering bionic technology”, which simulates extracellular matrix to make lant protein filaments arranged in a way similar to animal fibers, makes the texture and taste of plant meat similar to that of animal meat, bringing consumers a subversive experience of with good “color, aroma, taste quality”, nutrition and safety.

Delicious and healthy, future meat diet kills!

With independent intellectual property rights, the brand “Future Meat Diet” newly launched at this conference cleared its layout both for B-end and C-end users and revealed its new products of meal replacements, snacks, and pre-made dishes at the same time.

At the press conference, participants were invited to taste a series of dishes, like American thick-cut ham sandwich and Italian tomato stewed beef that is made of plant-based meat, and small steak based on cell engineering 3D printing. The meat was fragrant on-site, and the tasters were full of praise. It is reported that Biohong will bring more technological innovations next year and launch more “delicious and healthier” meat products in the future.

Many companies were attracted and an on-site signing ceremony was held with a total of 17million yuan worth of tentative deals reached between Future Meat Diet and 7FRESH of JD.COM, Hangzhou Chuangye (Group) Company, Xi’an Shengwang Food Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Southern Song Imperial Street Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Zhonghe Xingyuan Trading Co., Ltd., etc.

At the Summit Forum, top domestic experts and professors in the field of tissue engineering and food sci-tech were specially invited to discuss how to realize the integration and development of tissue engineering technology and future food sci-tech. Zhou Guanghong, an academician of the International Academy of Food Science and professor of Nanjing Agricultural University, shared the origin, development, and current situation of the world’s cell-cultured meat technology. “Cell-cultured meat will be fully marketed and commercialized in the near future”, said he. The engineered artificial meat, represented by the stem cell-based 3D printing artificial meat, is bound to promote a new revolution in the human meat diet with a promising future.

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