Plant-based food

Corporate high-flyer’s recipe for Plant-Based Meat revolution

Plant-Based Meat

Before 2020, the last time Noreen Gallagher worked alongside her brother Declan was as a child roped in to help out at the family’s bakery in Ardara, Co Donegal. She was chief icing mixer and both children, along with their two other siblings, were general dogsbodies.

Noreen Gallagher is branching out with her brother into plant-based frozen foods

Eventually Gallagher went off to work in the corporate world while Declan, who was 20 months her senior, ran the bakery. In a 2013 interview with The Sunday Times, Gallagher recalled how her father, who died in 2008, had always wanted her to come home to work in the family business. “My brother and I are similar, and I thought it could go two ways: it could be absolutely fantastic, or we could kill each other,” she said

The Sunday Times

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