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“We’re reimagining meat to spare land and resources, but never flavour” Nicolas Morin-Forest said.

Interview with Nicolas Morin-Forest, CEO and Co-founder of Gourmey

Food, agriculture, and land use are collectively responsible for 20.1% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with agriculture and land use activities being the largest contributors. The combination of population increase, urbanisation, and environmental degradation aggravates this situation; resulting in a climate challenge connected to the world’s global food industry.

Nicolas Morin-Forest

In response to this challenge, we have already seen plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. The next generation of solutions is expected to focus on more sustainable way of producing food like lab-grown meat and insect proteins and reduction of food loss and waste and more sustainable packaging solutions.

We caught up with Nicolas Morin-Forest, CEO & Co-founder of Gourmey, a Paris-based cultivated meat company, producing meat grown in laboratories from animal cells. Nicolas spoke to us about his experience as a founder and Gourmey’s journey to take on the challenge of food sustainability through cell-based meat. 


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