Cultivated food

Vega Founder’s Cultivated Fiction Chicken Eggs Will Be Market Ready By Q3

Cultivated Food

Cultivated eggs will be commercially available before the end of the year, says Fiction Foods, a subsidiary of Cult Food Science.

Cultivated food

“It’s not a fake egg, but a whole new culinary experience, that is made from a single-cell organism called euglena that contains animal-like and high-quality protein, but without the animal,” Brendan Brazier, Fiction’s founder, said in a statement. Brazier founded the sports nutrition brand Vega, which sold to White Wave in 2015 for $550 million.

Vancouver-based Fiction Foods is using cellular agriculture to develop a vegan egg alternative without the need for battery hens. The Cult Foods’ portfolio company says its aim is to reinvent the way protein is produced. Its initial product, the “Performance Scramble” is a liquid egg alternative that’s targeted at “mental and physical performance.” 

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