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Melbourne Greek girl goes to Santorini, falls in love, and creates the vegan hotel of her dreams

Christina Boutros and her partner Argyris have built an eco conscious, plant-based haven for guests, curating everything from the food to the amenities while staying true to their environmentally friendly ethics.

vegan hotel
Melbourne gal Christina and local Argyris fell in love on the island and have been building their Santorini dream project together ever since. Photo: Supplied

Call it a movement or a lifestyle, veganism is soaring in popularity every day, crossing from fringe into mainstream. While major city centres, especially in the western world, are blessed with an abundance of options, when it comes to vegan restaurants and products, for people living in small towns, islands or in countries with a heavily meat-based culture, resources are limited and prices are high. This is also something that many holiday makers struggle with, when visiting exotic or not easily accessible destinations.


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