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Nestle Is Stepping Up Its Agricultural Technologies

The Nestle Institute of Agricultural Sciences will be established in Lausanne and will emphasis on plant science, dairy livestock, and agricultural systems science. The institute will collaborate with academic institutions, research organisations, startups, industrial partners, and farmers to evaluate and build science-based solutions that may be implemented and scaled throughout Nestle’s supply chain. 

“Agricultural science and new agricultural technologies are enabling our transition to a regenerative food system,” stated Stefan Palzer, PhD, chief technology officer for Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. “The new institute will help farmers around the world improve their environmental footprint, reduce food and nutrient losses, and better adapt to climate change while ensuring the quality of the raw materials they produce by accelerating the translation of science into concrete solutions that can be implemented at the farm level.” 

Nestle invests 1.7 billion Swiss francs ($184 million) in research and development each year, which has helped the business establish sustainable cocoa and coffee sourcing plants as well as identify the best pulses and grains for low-carbon, plant-based meat, seafood, and dairy substitutes. 

Krishi Jagran

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